David Cameron has been ridiculed online after Downing Street was caught photoshopping a fake over-sized poppy onto a picture of the Prime Minister and using it as an official Facebook picture.

  人们发现英国首相戴维·卡梅伦(David Cameron)胸前佩戴罂粟花的一张照片里,那朵大得离谱的罂粟花是官方PS上去的假花,而且唐宁街还将这张照片设置为首相脸书(Facebook)官方主页的头像。卡梅伦因此成了网民嘲笑揶揄的对象。

卡梅伦脸书头像P假花被抓包 网友恶搞玩坏罂粟花


  Hilarious memes poking fun at the Downing Street blunder swamped the internet Monday evening after eagle-eyed Facebook users noticed the picture on Number 10s official page appeared doctored.


  The image, originally posted online without a poppy two years ago, was manipulated using computer trickery to add the Remembrance symbol onto the left lapel of the Prime Ministers navy blue suit.


  As well as recycling an old picture and doctoring it to include the red poppy, users also noticed the commemorative emblem appeared to be larger than in real-life and highly pixelated.


卡梅伦脸书头像P假花被抓包 网友恶搞玩坏罂粟花


  Fans also noticed the original poppy-free image, which was first uploaded in Novr 2013, still remained in the online gallery of Downing Streets official Facebook page.


  The move was branded disrespectful and foolish by war veterans and the public.


  One user said: A blatant and pretty rushed photoshop job there!


  Another wrote: That poppy is as fake as your care for the strivers who get up at 8am every day and work and provide. Fire your graphic designer and your cabinet.


  Another moaned: Is photoshopping an unrealistic looking poppy onto a profile pic really respecting the countrys fallen?


  And another joked: Its one of the new hover poppies, its 2015 after all.


卡梅伦脸书头像P假花被抓包 网友恶搞玩坏罂粟花


  The obvious photoshop job also sparked a wave of comical internet memes, which poked fun at the gaffe by Downing Street officials.


卡梅伦脸书头像P假花被抓包 网友恶搞玩坏罂粟花


  One saw David Camerons face photoshopped onto a large poppy, another showed the PM covered in hundreds of poppies and others showed spoofs including one of him with TV character Popeye and another with rapper Drake.


卡梅伦脸书头像P假花被抓包 网友恶搞玩坏罂粟花


  Downing Street later deleted the photograph from its Facebook page, and changed the profile picture to a recent image of the Prime Minister wearing an actual poppy.


卡梅伦脸书头像P假花被抓包 网友恶搞玩坏罂粟花

(文字:我“一点儿”都没看出来首相那张罂粟花照片是修过的。大家不应该 妄下结论。)

  Vojtch Greger responded: Good thing you changed it for an actual photo with a poppy, the previous photoshop attempt was a disaster.

  沃伊捷赫·格雷格(Vojtch Greger)回复道:“还好你们换上了一张戴着罂粟花的真照片,之前那张修出来的图真是个灾难”。

  David J. Towns said: Thank goodness you got rid of that dreadful photoshop job! Much better.

  大卫·J·汤斯(David J. Towns)表示:“谢天谢地!你们可算是换掉了那张糟透了的PS照!这张好多了!”

  And another user added: Im a fan of Mr Cameron, but frankly this episode was bizarre.


  Hes been out and about all week sporting a poppy, so why not take the opportunity to have a genuine photo?“他这一周都戴着罂粟花在外参加各种活动,为什么不趁机拍张真照片呢?”

  Downing Streetofficials later confirmed the photograph had been removed from the site, blaming the ordeal on a technical oversight.


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